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How to crochet Banh Tet amigurmi in Vietnam

2 years ago

Banh Tet (Vietnamese is call Bánh Tét) a representative cake in the South Vietnam, can be easily found at any house during Tết (Lunar New Year holiday). Today, We happy to tutorial you how to crochet a Banh Tet amigurumi.

Banh Tet is another modified version of ‘Banh Chung’ (Square Cake) from the North. The ingredients, such as the glutinous rice, mung bean, cooked pork are almost the same as Banh Chung’s. The shape of Banh Tet, however, is cylindrical not square or round shaped.

‘Banh tet’ is made primarily from glutinous rice, which is rolled in banana leaves into a thick, log-like cylindrical shape, with a banana or mung bean-and-pork filling.

The ingredients are then cooked for at least six hours in a wood-fired pot of boiling water, and served by removing the banana leaf and slicing the cake into wheel-shaped servings.

How to crochet sweet amigurumi donut

‘Banh tet’ made use of readily available ingredients in any Vietnamese home in the past and demonstrates the importance of rice in Vietnamese culture.

Bánh Tét demonstrates the importance of rice in Vietnamese culture as well as historical value. During the Tet holiday, family members would gather together and enjoy feasting on Bánh Tét, the central food of this festive Vietnamese holiday to celebrate the coming of spring.

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